Your Share in Tomorrow


Informational film explaining the work of the New York Stock Exchange. The short describes types of stocks, the function of brokers and investors, and how stocks support business and industrial activity across the nation. Howard Thompson called the film "devastatingly original" and praised its "exciting color photography." (2006 The Field Guide to Sponsored Films by Rick Prelinger)


Sponsored Public Relations Film

Country/Location: U.S.A.

Tribe or Group: N/A

Director: Francis Thompson

Cinematographer: Stanley Meredith, Michael Nebbia, Peaslee Bond, Robert Downey, Wheaton Galentine

Production Company: IFF

Additional Production: Special Effects by D.A. Pennebaker, Music by Gene Forrell

Running Time: 27 mins.

Years Filmed: 1957

Decade Produced: 1950s

Film Gauge: 35mm

Stock: Color Safety

Sound: Narrated

Notes: Shot in and around the New York Stock Exchange. Premiered on the exchange floor in New York and was shown in 52 other American cities on the same day. Produced in Eastmancolor. Also distributed in 16mm.

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