“Polish Autumn, Russian Winter: Julien Bryan Meets the UNRAA Mission in Central and Eastern Europe 1946-1947; Edited by Jacek Zygmunt Sawicki, Warsaw 2022.

Books by Julien H. Bryan

AMBULANCE 464: Encore des Blesses, Introduction by Lyman Abbott. The MacMillan Company, New York, 1918.

SIEGE, Introduction with Captions by Maurice Hindus: Illustrated with photographs by author. Doubleday, Doran and Co., New York, 1940. 1940 by Julien Bryan.

WARSAW: 1939 Siege, 1959 Warsaw Revised. Polonia Publishing House, Warsaw, Poland, 1959-1960.

Articles by Julien H. Bryan

"Exploring with the Leica". THE LEICA MANUAL, chapter 27, Morgan and Lester, New York, 1938 - 1939.

"Exploring With a Movie Camera". SCHOLASTIC vol. 34 (May 13) 1939.

"Last Days of Warsaw". LIFE, October 23, 1939.

"Hitler's Lightening War". LOOK, December 5, 1939.

"Cameraman at the Front". POPULAR MECHANICS, vol. 73; March, 1940.

"War Is, Was, and Always Will Be, Hell". Originally published in U.S. Camera. February-March 1940. Reprinted in THE DOCUMENTARY TRADITION, two editions, selected and arranged by Lewis Jacobs, W.W. Norton, New York, 1971; 1979.

"Last Days of Warsaw". READER'S DIGEST, vol. 36, April, 1940.

"Face to Face (documentaries can promote international understanding)". SATURDAY REVIEW OF LITERATURE, vol. 32, April 9, 1949.

"Adventures of a Roving Cameraman". Originally published in June, July 1939 issues of POPULAR MECHANICS. Reprinted in several anthologies, e.g. BEST LIKED LITERATURE, Book Two, Boston, 1951.

"Friendship is a Passport". First printed in THIS I BELIEVE, edited by Edward R. Murrow, Simon Schuster, 1952.

"The 1958 Kenneth Edwards Memorial Address". University Film Producers Association Journal, vol. II, pages 4 - 7, Fall, 1958.

"Poland Then and Now". LOOK, September 1, 1959.

Unpublished manuscripts by Julien H. Bryan


RUSSIAN WINTER (1946 - 1947), mss and notes


Articles about Julien H. Bryan

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"About Julien Bryan", IFF catalogue (Also, must have been okayed by JB -SB)

After, JB's death on October 20, 1974, there were obits and tributes in THE NEW YORK TIMES, Princeton Alumni Weekly, Variety, Bronxville Review-Press and Reporter, and several state Audio-Visual organizations.

Lee, Rohama, "Julien H. Bryan", Film News, vol. 31, no. 4, 1974.

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Books about Julien Bryan

Sawicki, Jacek and Thomasz Stempowski (editors), "Siege of Warsaw in the photographs of Julien Bryan", Instytut
Pamieci Narodowej, Warsaw, 2010.

"The Colors of War: The Siege of Warsaw in Julien Bryan's Color Photographs", Oseoodek Karta and Instytut
Pamieci Narodowej, Warsaw, 2010, 2014

"The Most Mysterious of Countries: The Soviet Union in the Photographs and Writings of Julien H. Bryan 1930-1959", Institute of National Remembrance, Warsaw, Poland, 2020

"Polish Autumn, Russian Winter: Julien Bryan Meets the UNRAA Mission in Central and Eastern Europe 1946-1947" Edited by Jacek Zygmunt Sawicki, Warsaw 2022.

Films About Julien Bryan

"Warsaw 35 Years Later", 1974-5, Poland

"Wherever You Are Mr. President," 1978, Film Polski

"American Corespondent", 2009- , Eugene Starky

"The Teacher Who Defied Hitler (with The Filmmaker who Defied Hitler)" 2013, Smithsonian

"Unflattering Pictures" 2019? , Germany

"Culture Bridge" 1971, Ohio State University

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