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  • Africa: A New Look

    Country: Africa

    Date: 1981

    Running Time: 27 min.


    Director: Sam Bryan

    Cinematographer: NA

    This brand new introduction to the African continent is the most current, comprehensive survey film available.

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  • Africans All

    Country: Africa

    Date: 1963

    Running Time: 22 min.


    Director: Greg Knowles

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Sam Bryan, Clifford Kamen, Homer Kellums, Ray Garner

    Julien Bryan's portrayal of all Africa in a series of swift, exciting "brush strokes", beginning with Philip Stapp's lively animation parodying popular misconceptions about Africa and continuing with film showing the real Africa in all its diversity and color.

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  • Amazon Family

    Country: Bolivia

    Date: 1943

    Running Time: 19 min.


    Director: Francis Thompson

    Cinematographer: Francis Thompson

    The daily life and yearly cycle of a remote village of rubber gatherers on the upper Amazon- their daily work, the children's schooling, the pleasures of family life, the yearly festival.

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  • American Super-8 Revolution, The

    Country: U.S.A.

    Date: 1972

    Running Time: 31 min.


    Director: Stan Woodward

    Cinematographer: NA

    A 16mm documentary about student filmmaking.

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  • Americans All

    Country: Latin America

    Date: 1940

    Running Time: 20 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Jules Bucher

    Stresses the importance of the Good Neighbor Policy and Western Hemisphere cooperation in the face of Europe's disintegration.

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