ancient africans

Ancient Africans

Alternative Title: N/A

Series Title: N/A


A survey of early African civilizations. Imaginative maps by Philip Stapp set the scene for live photography of the ancient kingdoms of Kush, Axum, Ghana, Mali, Songhai and the dramatic stone ruins of Zimbabwe. The exciting art of Benin and Ashanti allow the viewer to compare ancient Africa with life today. Archaeologist at work help raise questions about who the ancient Africans were and how they lived. Consultant, Richard Ford, Professor of African History, Clark University. Directed and photographed by Sam Bryan. (NYPL catalog)


Edited Film

Country/Location: Africa

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Julien Bryan

Director: Sam Bryan

Cinematographer: Sam Bryan

Production Company: IFF

Additional Production: Animation by Philip Stapp; Original music by Thomas Wagner

Running Time: 27 min.

Years Filmed: 1969

Decade Produced: 1960s

Years Distributed: -1970

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Safety

Footage Count: 1025'

Notes: Available in French and Spanish.

The International Film Foundation, Inc.
322 Central Park West New York, NY 10025-7629 USA   212.666.2324

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