Baking Unleavened Bread

Alternative Title: Baking Bread

Series Title: Mountain Peoples of Central Asia


This useful film reveals in crisp detail the simple, but physically demanding domestic life of the nomadic Pushtu — no cleansers, no appliances, and no concern for “rough, red, hands.” The unveiled and weathered face of the Pushtu wife — cloaked in her traditional garment as she prepares and kneads the precious flour into dough — reflects the relentlessness of her environment. She skillfully fashions large flat discs of dough, then bakes each separately by pressing it to the convex side of a great copper pan.


Edited Film

Country/Location: Badakhstan (Northeastern Afghanistan)

Tribe or Group: Pushtu

Cinematographer: Hermann Schlenker

Production Company: IFF

Running Time: 10 min.

Decade Produced: 1960s

Years Distributed: -1969

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color Safety

Footage Count: 351'

Sound: Un-narrated, Native Music

Notes: Shot and edited before African Village Life films. IFF took Schlenker's footage and cut into 14 separate films. Schlenker owns OCN. Earlier title was Baking Bread (titles changed @ 1972). There are 14 titles in the Mountain Peoples of Central Asia series: 10 were released first in 1969, 4 were released in 1972.

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