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The only important objective film on this small but vitally important country. Yugoslavia confronts in miniature many problems which beset the modern world. People of different races and religions are learning to live and work together while the Yugoslav government tries to maintain an uneasy balance between the Communist World and the West. John Snyder's animation recounts 2000 years of Yugoslav history and Norman Lloyd provides an expressive musical background (1964 IFF catalog). Includes footage of Tito, at work in Belgrade.


Edited Film

Country/Location: Yugoslavia

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Julien Bryan

Director: LeRoy Leatherman

Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Sam Bryan, Kenneth Richter

Production Company: IFF

Additional Production: Art Work by John Snyder; Original Score by Norman Lloyd

Running Time: 27 min.

Years Filmed: 1950s, 1961

Decade Produced: 1950s (Filmed), 1960s (Filmed and Edited)

Years Distributed: -1962

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color Safety

Footage Count: 960'

Sound: Narrated

Notes: Footage from three filming expeditions. Distinguished scholars at Columbia University were "freely" consulted during production.

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