Young Uruguay

Series Title: State Department South America Series


Pictures the young people of Uruguay in school and play, highlighting the progressive steps being taken in education since the days of Battle y Ordonez. Scenes of primary schools and fresh air schools for tuberculosis-prone children. Young people are seen attending classes and listening to records in a private home properly chaperoned. The also hear on the radio an interview with Marisa Lucy Arden, director of a school for crippled children. (Jane M. Loy, Latin American Research Review, vol.12 no.3, 1977)


Sponsored Film; Vertical Pattern (Adamson-Seaton Film Classifications)

Country/Location: Uruguay

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Julien Bryan

Cinematographer: Jules Bucher

Production Company: Julien Bryan

Additional Production: Written by Miriam Bucher; Music composed and played by Norman and Ruth Lloyd; Drawings by Philip Stapp; Narrated by Julien Bryan

Running Time: 17 minutes 8 seconds

Years Filmed: 1943

Decade Produced: 1940s

Film Gauge: 35mm

Stock: B&W Nitrate

Footage Count: 615'

Sound: Narrated

Notes: Made for the Federal Government (FDR good neighbor policy). Julien Bryan contracted by FDR administration. Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Nelson Rockefeller, in charge of contracting filmmakers to make movies in South America. There are 23 films in the CI-AA series.

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