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  • Transition Generation: A Third World Problem

    Country: Afghanistan

    Date: 1975

    Running Time: 20 min.


    Director: Alexander Von Wetter

    Cinematographer: Alexander Von Wetter

    Rashid was the first person from his village to get more than a rudimentary education.

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  • Tropical Africa

    Country: Africa (Sub-Saharan)

    Date: 1960

    Running Time: 29 min.


    Director: William Claiborne

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Sam Bryan, Ray Garner

    Commissioned by the Twentieth Century Fund, this film depicts the turbulent world of Africa below the Sahara, focusing on the problems of people emerging from the primitive into the modern world.

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  • Turkey Reborn

    Country: Turkey

    Date: 1930s

    Running Time: 90 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan

    Theater Lecture

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  • Turkey: A Nation in Transition

    Country: Turkey

    Date: 1936-1961

    Running Time: 27 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Sam Bryan, Kenneth Richter, Karl Robinson, Kenneth Snelson

    John Snyder's lively animated summary of Turkish history is followed by a survey of modern Turkey, from the days of dynamic strongman Kemal Ataturk (shown in rare, personal films taken by Julien Bryan) to its role today as the most vigorous and progressive state in the Middle East.

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  • Uruguay

    Country: Uruguay

    Date: 1943

    Running Time: 18 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Jules Bucher

    Introduces "dynamic, progressive Uruguay" as being similar in many ways to the U.S.

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