Big Nose

Alternative Title: N/A

Series Title: N/A


This film depicts the hustle and bustle behind the scenes at a puppet theater, as the puppets are created, sets built, costumes and wigs designed and sewn. During rehearsals, the many talented Takeshi Hoshino demonstrates his acting techniques, in which voice and movement play a major part. The film ends with a performance in the midst of a public market, as both children and adults watch with fascination and delight. (IFF catalog)


Edited Film

Country/Location: Australia

Tribe or Group: N/A

Production Company: Peter Drummond

Running Time: 15 min.

Decade Produced: 1970s

Years Distributed: 1977-1985

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color Safety

Footage Count: 575'

Notes: Distribution picked up by IFF in 1977; had been already completed by Peter Drummond in Australia.

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