Black Forest Family Celebrates Christmas

Alternative Title: N/A

Series Title: Black Forest Christmas


A modern German family prepares a traditional Christmas celebration- making music, colorful ornaments, and special holiday foods. Father and son play duets on recorder and flute, while mother and daughter bake cookies. The parents trim the tree on Christmas eve, and the children are called in to open the presents. (IFF catalog)


Edited Film

Country/Location: Germany

Tribe or Group: N/A

Cinematographer: Hermann Schlenker

Production Company: IFF

Running Time: 14 min.

Years Filmed: 1968

Decade Produced: 1960s

Years Distributed: -1969

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color Safety

Footage Count: 532'

Sound: Un-narrated, Recorded On Location

Notes: Filmed in Schlenker's home town. Footage shot for IFF. There are 2 titles in the Black Forest Christmas series.

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