Blue Ribbon

Alternative Title: N/A


Made for the USIS to show the world the wholesome simplicity of the "typical" American farm family using the focal device of the annual competition for HHHH awards (Blue Ribbons) in farm animal raising, vegetable canning, etc.


Sponsored Film

Country/Location: U.S.A. (Tranquility, New Jersey)

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Pettus Kaufman

Director: Francis Thompson

Production Company: Julien Bryan

Additional Production: Charlie and Dicky Schwepp (cast), John Hartshorne (grip)

Running Time: 20 min.

Years Filmed: 1946

Decade Produced: 1940s

Film Gauge: 35mm

Footage Count: 730'

Notes: Produced shortly after Ohio Series but not part of the series. Filmed in Tranquility, New Jersey (Sussex County). Sponsored by the State Department. Made after the 23 Latin American films and the "Ohio Series".

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