Boundary Lines

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Philip Stapp's classic film on bigotry and hate traces the cause of these evils to the imaginary "boundary lines" men draw to divide themselves: lines of fear, possession, color and greed. Since it was made in 1947, "Boundary Lines" has won many awards and recognition as an outstanding work of art and an important document of our times (1964 IFF catalog). This highly stylized animation film with musical background is a plea to eliminate the artificial boundaries that divide people from each other as individuals and as nations. (NYPL catalog)


Edited Film

Country/Location: N/A

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Julien Bryan

Director: Philip Stapp

Production Company: IFF

Additional Production: Animation by Philip Stapp; Music by Gene Forrell

Running Time: 12 min.

Years Filmed: 1945

Decade Produced: 1940s

Years Distributed: -1946

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color

Footage Count: 435'

Sound: Narrated

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