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  • Boys' Games

    Country: Badakhstan (Northeastern Afghanistan)

    Running Time: 5 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Hermann Schlenker

    An ancient game known throughout Asia is played by Pushtu boys.

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  • Bozo Daily Life

    Country: Mali

    Running Time: 16 min.


    Director: NA

    Cinematographer: Hermann Schlenker

    Between Mopti and Timbuktu the members of the Bozo tribe meet the demands of their environment through a classic division labor determined in large part by the annual fluctuations of the Niger River.

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  • Brazilian Family, A

    Country: Brazil (Bahia)

    Date: 1977

    Running Time: 19 min.


    Director: Vladimir Bibic

    Cinematographer: Vladimir Bibic

    Humberto da Silva, a chemical engineer, and his wife, Lucia, a social worker, live with their two sons in the historic city of Bahia (or Salvador) in northeastern Brazil.

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  • Bread

    Country: Multiple: Egypt, Afghanistan, Israel, Peru, Thailand, Russia, Mali and Nigeria

    Date: Various

    Running Time: 10 min.


    Director: Yehuda Yaniv

    Cinematographer: NA

    The staff of life is made and baked and eaten around the world.

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  • Bread and Wine

    Country: Italy (Northern)

    Date: 1947

    Running Time: 14 min.


    Director: Victor Vicas

    Cinematographer: Victor Vicas

    The life of peasants on a great estate in northern Italy: their daily routine of cultivation, breadmaking, harvest, and their relationship with the wealthy landowner.

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