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  • Africa: A New Look

    Producer: Sam Bryan

    Years Distributed: -1981

    Additional Production/Crew : Written by Sam Bryan

    This brand new introduction to the African continent is the most current, comprehensive survey film available. It puts aside images of wild animals and festive dances and concentrates on the people of Africa today: teachers and students, politicians and artists, business people, farmers, fishermen and factory workers. The film shows primary schools and universities, commercial and family farms, religious services, health clinics, large and small businesses, a television studio, and political rallies; it gives glimpses of life in the cities as well as towns and villages. (1984 IFF catalog)

  • Africans All

    Producer: Julien Bryan

    Years Distributed: 1963-1981

    Additional Production/Crew : Animation by Philip Stapp; Sound Recording In Africa by Sam Bryan and Arthur S. Alberts; Animator Technician Larry Quartararo; Musical Consultant Norman Lloyd

    Julien Bryan's portrayal of all Africa in a series of swift, exciting "brush strokes", beginning with Philip Stapp's lively animation parodying popular misconceptions about Africa and continuing with film showing the real Africa in all its diversity and color. Authentic African music and sounds recorded on the spot by Sam Bryan. (1964 IFF catalog)

  • Amazon Family

    Producer: Julien Bryan

    Years Distributed: -1961

    Additional Production/Crew : Maps by Philip Stapp; Music by Norman Lloyd, Gene Forrell and Louis Horst.

    The daily life and yearly cycle of a remote village of rubber gatherers on the upper Amazon- their daily work, the children's schooling, the pleasures of family life, the yearly festival. One twelve year old boy remarked: "The best film I ever saw. There was no yakety-yak...I could dream I was there." Winner of a United States government Golden Eagle Award for 1964. (1964 IFF catalog)

  • American Super-8 Revolution, The

    Producer: N/A

    Years Distributed: 1973-1983

    Additional Production/Crew : N/A

    A 16mm documentary about student filmmaking. In this 16mm film, Stan Woodward offers us two films in one- his documentation of the production of a Super-8mm film by a group of fifth graders, as well as their finished product, entitled, "The American Revolution: Paul Revere's Ride and the Battle of Lexington and Concord." (IFF catalog)

  • Americans All

    Producer: Julien Bryan

    Years Distributed: N/A

    Additional Production/Crew : Narrated by Julien Bryan

    Stresses the importance of the Good Neighbor Policy and Western Hemisphere cooperation in the face of Europe's disintegration. The first half is an historical summary of Latin America. Postulating that youth will build a new world, the last half considers youth at work, youth at school, health conditions, defense, and ends with a plea for American solidarity. (Jane M. Loy, Latin American Research Review, vol.12 no.3, 1977)

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